The Storm Game

As you stay down down to catch your breath, one of THEM swoops over you, so close you could touch IT. Had you sat up it would have taken off your head. As it circles around about a hundred feet in the distance, you realize he coming for you again, and this time he will not miss. You jump up and help Kenny stand, and go to help up Will but he is already on his feet.

"Get a Stick," Kenny tells you. "We'll need the sticks to fend THEM off." You run by the edge of the field your in, and grab a stick.

"Whoosh, Whoosh" The flap of winbeats sounds from the side. One of THEM is flying at you, only twenty feet away. What do you do?

When IT gets to me I hit it with the stick.

When IT gets to me I step aside at the last minute and duck so it can't hit me.